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Hello everyone. Problematic elements of my presentation of Malintzin have been bought to my attention since I made that post. I would like to thus state that I am a white woman and therefore cannot discuss conceptualizations of Malintzin within modern Chicana thinking; to do so would be appropriative. For this reason, my post contained some problematic over-simplifications.

In addition, I often try to inject posts with a more casual writing style, especially when they contain a lot of theory. However, in this post I did so in a matter which obfuscated the manner in which rape and imperialism have been affecting the lives of Latina women since the time of conquest (the line in question has since been edited).

For these mistakes I would like to issue my deepest apologies to Latina readers of this blog, and I invite your commentary and critique.

Again, my apologies.

posted 1 year ago
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